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Earning Disclaimer

Earning DisclaimerLast updated: May 12, 2019Earnings Disclaimer:There is NO GUARANTEE and NO WARRANTY that employing the same techniques, ideas, strategies, products or services that are detailed on this site will produce the same results for you, your friends or colleagues. Examples that may be provided in articles, videos and other sources on the site are just that – examples. They may or may not work for your specific situation and are not to be interpreted as a guarantee or promise of earnings.Your earning potential is entirely dependent upon you and the then current state of accounting at the time you employ such techniques and ideas.THE LEVEL OF SUCCESS YOU REACH EMPLOYING THESE TECHNIQUES AND IDEAS IS ENTIRELY DEPENDENT UPON YOUR SKILLS, FINANCIAL RESOURCES, MARKETING KNOWLEDGE AND TIME YOU DEVOTE TO IMPLEMENTING THE TRAINING, TECHNIQUES AND STRATEGIES OUTLINED ON THIS SITE. BECAUSE OF THIS, WE CANNOT GUARANTEE YOUR EARNINGS LEVEL NOR DO WE IN ANY WAY WHETHER DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY DO SO.You agree that Colorado Wife LLC, makes no guarantee that using the same ideas, strategies, techniques, products, or services on the Website will produce the same or similar results.The information, products, and services on the Website are not common, typical, normal, or expected for the average person. Each individual’s success depends on many factors, including but not limited to, ideas, knowledge, skill level, techniques, experience, expertise, time, motivation, financial backing, and others.You agree that your reliance on the information, products, and services on the Website is at your own risk.All testimonials are provided by individuals based on personal experiences. Colorado Wife LLC, does not verify the accuracy or truthfulness of the testimonials, and they are not intended to represent average results or guarantee the same or similar results. You agree that you accept all risks associated with relying on figures, examples, and testimonials on the Website.You agree that all information, products, and services on the Website are provided for educational and informational purposes only. You agree that you have consulted with your financial and legal professionals prior to using the Website.You agree that Colorado Wife LLC is not liable for the success or failure of your business activities that are directly or indirectly related to the purchase and use of any information, products, or services on the Website.Your use of the Website confirms your agreement with this Earnings Disclaimer.Last Updated on May 12, 2019

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