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Stress Kills

Book Your Free Consult with Dr. Melissa

Book Your Free Consult with Dr. Melissa

Hello and Welcome! I’m Dr. Melissa Balizan, a Concierge Pharmacist giving you choices in your health, sometimes it means no medication.

I Guide You and Help You Discover Healthy Natural Ways to Manage Stress, Anxiety and Depression. I also help you make informed decisions for Pain Management and Chronic Conditions.

Your Health Matters, it is Yours and You have a Choice.

My clients often tell me they are too afraid to focus on taking care of themselves for fear of letting down the people who rely on them.

I Help You Keep Your Glass Overflowing. 

I am Seen as a Bridge Between Eastern and Western Medicine, Finding the Right Solution for You, taking medications and supplementation to the next level.

Guiding You Through Self Care Recommendations and Solutions So That You Learn Ways To Take Care of Yourself First Without Feeling Selfish. 

I Specialize in Helping You Discover Healthy Solutions that Target Your Whole Body (Mental, Physical, Emotional)

Now is the Time to Have Me Walk Along Side You and Guide You to Your Next Level.

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